Developing Leaders for a Changing World

JCI develops its membership to provide greater impact to the community and the environment.

Who is JCI Philippines?

JCI Philippines is a national organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global non-profit organization created for enterprising individuals ages 18-40 with over 500,000 members in more than 100 countries. We focus on professional development, economic opportunities, and creative solutions to address problems across all levels of society.

Our international tagline is “Developing leaders for a changing world” – which we achieve through projects, events, and training programs. Our members are committed to improve as individuals, to support fellow members, and to make tangible change at local, international and global levels.

JCI connects its members through a worldwide network, uniting them through a shared set of core values laid out in the JCI Creed. JCI pushes its members to overcome challenges, create opportunity from adversity, and provide meaningful improvement at a global scale.

What We Do?

JCI remains true to its cause of nurturing young people so they can become great leaders. To create sustainable and long-term results, the Organization is committed to develop its members and equip them with the necessary skills to create positive change. The goal of Skills Development in JCI is to guide members and ensure that the JCI Action Framework is exercised diligently in advocacies that serve humanity.

Members are encouraged to assess their capabilities, design solutions, enable innovations, and determine areas of growth. JCI gives its members access to a variety of courses and materials developed by members who have devoted their journey in JCI to uplifting others.

Impactful programs and projects start as simple ideas which leaders highlight, cultivate, and translate into action. Growth is inculcated in this process and skills development is at the core pushing members to level up. JCI Skills Development ensures that members are guided to be better.
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