Listen to the stories of different personalities in our organization.
2020 was no doubt a challenging year for JCI Philippines. But, with the leadership of our National President Mark Joseph David, the organization powered through and continuously made an impact even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This year, the responsibility to lead the organization rests heavily on the shoulders of our 2021 National President Jude Acidre. What are his plans? How can he take our organization to even greater heights? Let’s get to know more about NP Jude on the pilot episode of Connect! This episode aired on the official JCI Philippines Facebook page on March 23, 2021.
In Episode 2 of "Connect," we'll learn more about the journey of 2020 Best of the Best Local Organization President Awardee Raymond "Mox" Esperat. From his humble beginnings in JCI up until his challenging yet fruitful presidency. This is episode 2; Everybody Loves Raymond!
JCI Manila has been one of the most successful JCI chapters globally, with countless high-impact projects and members, past and present, who have made a difference in society throughout the decades. But despite its accolades, JCI Manila was not immune to the challenges that came with the new normal. How is organizational excellence sustained throughout the decades? And how does an organization thrive in times of crisis. In Episode 3, we are joined by the 2020 JCI Manila President John Bautista, Jr.
JCI is an organization full of development opportunities for its members. Aside from project involvement and chairmanships aimed to hone one's leadership qualities, the organization is also known for the quality and impact of its Training opportunities. From personal and social skills development to business acumen and cultural awareness, the training opportunities in JCI are endless. So, for leaders, how do training opportunities empower us?

In episode 4, we are joined by one of the most notable personalities and trainers in JCI Philippines, Head Trainer Mennen Aracid.
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