Ambag Ko Rehistro Boto

August 11, 2021

AmbagKo. Rehistro. Boto - virtual press launch


The #AmbagKo. Rehistro. Boto. campaign underscores the power and key role every Filipino youth plays in bringing about change to the country. With the upcoming 2022 national elections, the Philippines is at a crossroads and the power to effect positive change in hands of Filipino voters.

The campaign officially launched last June 11, 2021. It aims to educate and empower eligible voters with the knowledge that voting is a valuable ambag or contribution to nation-building and  securing a better future for the Philippines.


The campaign will run in two (2) phases:

  1. Rehistro, from June 2021 to October 2021
  2. Boto, from November 2021 to April 2022

It will combine influencer engagement and digital and social media to reach more Filipinos. Munimuni, a local indie band known for their makata pop, is our partner in writing and performing the campaign’s theme song Ambag Ko. The song communicates the campaign’s key objective of encouraging everyone to vote for change.


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