JC Punongbayan, a PhD economist, assistant professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, and seasoned journalist for Rappler, embodies the JCI value of "Service to humanity is the best work of life." Since 2013, he has been an integral part of UPSE, not only as an instructor but also as a lecturer, teaching fellow, and now an assistant professor. Beyond academia, JC extends his educational reach by delivering talks to various civil society groups, including youth organizations, business associations, labor unions, advocacy groups, and political parties.

As a prolific writer and columnist for Rappler.com for over a decade, JC utilizes the power of the written word to shed light on societal, economic, and developmental issues in the Philippines. His articles serve as calls to action, urging critical thinking and meaningful economic reforms. With a significant social media presence, JC's journalistic efforts reach a wide audience, influencing not only students and citizens but also policymakers. Through his work, he not only imparts knowledge but also encourages individuals to become thoughtful and responsible members of society.

Stephen Co is a visionary entrepreneur, renowned for his groundbreaking work in food innovation. As the founder and CEO of Worth The Health Foods (WTH Foods), a leading plant-based alternative protein startup in the Philippines, he embodies ingenuity, sustainability, and community commitment. With WTH Foods, Stephen revolutionizes Southeast Asian cuisine by crafting plant-based versions of beloved dishes, championing sustainability while tantalizing taste buds. Prior to WTH Foods, he founded Nipa Brew Craft Beverages, showcasing his passion for innovative gastronomy. Stephen's academic journey, from graduating magna cum laude in BS Biology at Ateneo de Manila University to earning a Masters in Technology Management from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, underscores his dedication to science and entrepreneurship. Recognized as a Gen.T Leader of Tomorrow and recipient of the RVR SIKLAB Awards for impact entrepreneurship, Stephen continues to inspire as he leads the charge in addressing global food security challenges through his upcoming food innovation center.

Hyku Desesto (Hyku), a celebrated photographer, videographer, director, and entrepreneur based in Dubai, UAE, embodies resilience and determination in her journey to success. From honing her craft in photography to establishing her own production company, Hyku's entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Her adeptness in navigating multicultural environments and her charismatic personality have propelled her business to remarkable heights, catering to exclusive lifestyle and corporate clientele. Collaborating with icons like Gigi Hadid and brands like Vogue, her sustainable business not only realizes her visions but also inspires fellow Filipinos in Dubai. Hyku's excellence has garnered recognition from regional and international award bodies, earning her prestigious titles such as The Filipino Times UAE Photographer of the Year 2019 and nominations for Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. Her groundbreaking work extends beyond accolades, as she was commissioned by Netflix Amsterdam for their inaugural Ramadan campaign, representing Filipinos among Arab talent, and challenging stereotypes through her fearless and relentless approach to her craft.

Mark Sultan, a highly acclaimed Igorot social entrepreneur and climate change advocate hailing from the Municipality of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat Province, embodies resilience and innovation. As the founder of Bambuhay, a pioneering greentech social enterprise, he addresses pressing environmental and social challenges through circular economy solutions. Despite humble beginnings in conflict-affected Southern Philippines, Mark's determination propelled him through college as a self-supporting student. Transitioning from a corporate career, he founded Bambuhay to uplift marginalized communities, providing sustainable livelihoods and empowering them as Agri-preneurs. Over five years, Bambuhay has grown exponentially, establishing a production facility, automating processes, and creating employment opportunities. Mark's transformative work has earned him numerous accolades, including the Grand Winner-Startupper of the Year in Paris and appointments to prestigious positions such as the National Innovation Council, showcasing his impactful contributions to sustainable development and social empowerment.

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