Tor "Mastor" Sagud epitomizes a deep commitment to preserving and promoting the unique Igorot culture of the Cordilleras. With a background rooted in the mountainous region, Tor has made significant contributions as an illustrator, artist, animator, and author of "IGOROTAK: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE." His impact extends to education and the creative industry, where he formerly served as department head of Animation at CLSDA, Inc., overseeing projects for renowned productions like Disney's Big Hero Six Series and Dragon Ball Z. Today, he leads Studio Sagud, dedicated to producing cultural and educational books, and co-chairs Gripo Comics.

Tor's mission is to bridge the local digital creative industry with local and international clients, aiming to prevent exploitation and foster industry growth in the Cordillera region. His modern illustration style blends traditional and contemporary elements, seeking to unify the diverse regional identities within the Cordilleras and the Philippines. His projects, such as the "Igorotak Series," not only promote and preserve local culture but also contribute to reforestation efforts and address unemployment issues in the Cordillera region and beyond. Sagud envisions this initiative as a catalyst for revitalizing Cordillera culture and inspiring artists nationwide to engage in similar endeavors.

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