JC Punongbayan, a PhD economist, assistant professor at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, and seasoned journalist for Rappler, embodies the JCI value of "Service to humanity is the best work of life." Since 2013, he has been an integral part of UPSE, not only as an instructor but also as a lecturer, teaching fellow, and now an assistant professor. Beyond academia, JC extends his educational reach by delivering talks to various civil society groups, including youth organizations, business associations, labor unions, advocacy groups, and political parties.

As a prolific writer and columnist for Rappler.com for over a decade, JC utilizes the power of the written word to shed light on societal, economic, and developmental issues in the Philippines. His articles serve as calls to action, urging critical thinking and meaningful economic reforms. With a significant social media presence, JC's journalistic efforts reach a wide audience, influencing not only students and citizens but also policymakers. Through his work, he not only imparts knowledge but also encourages individuals to become thoughtful and responsible members of society.

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